Seamless integration with Adobe® InDesign®

All AccurioPro Variable Data modules work within the Adobe InDesign application, allowing variable elements to be added to any InDesign document. Via a very simple panel interface and a flexible, menu-driven process, users can easily define variable elements anywhere on the page. AccurioPro Variable Data merges text, picture, multi-line article or even full-page information using data taken from practical­ly any source. The data is inserted directly into InDesign layouts to produce unique, personalised output in a variety of file and VDP formats.

On-the-fly copy fitting capability 

What happens when your data contains too many characters to fit within the assigned space? AccurioPro Variable Data includes the CopyFit™ Module, which provides an advanced, on-the-fly copy fitting capability to remedy overset (or underset) text problems. CopyFit detects and corrects text “over­flow” (or underflow) conditions within a variable text frame. The overset text is tweaked according to a set of user-defined rules until the text “just fits” within the frame area, all in real time during an AccurioPro Variable Data merge session. This feature can just as well be used on “underset” text boxes expanding text where it doesn’t completely fill the entire box area.

AccurioPro Variable Data Rules module

This module makes available powerful, conditional processing features (if/then/else). Rules provide the ability to perform specific actions based upon the contents of one or more database fields. The interface for the Rules Module is completely menu-driven, with absolutely no need to “hand code” conditional statements. The Rules Module also includes several unique testing features via which users can interactively preview and check their rules using live data.

Use in conjunction with GroupPicture

Combine AccurioPro Variable Data Premium with the GroupPicture™ software module to use the software as a professional document production tool: Create any type of layout template, for example for business cards, certificates, catalogues, identification cards, and other items. Save your individual templates as GroupPicture elements, and then treat them just like pictures. To produce for instance various business cards at the same time, you can just create a docu­ment with the corresponding GroupPictures, then merge the variable data and go to print!

Consecutive numbering

One of the major strengths of AccurioPro Variable Data software is our built-in consecutive numbering feature, which make numbering jobs such as tickets and labels a snap.

Multi-up layouts with “Cut & Stack”

Using the unique AccurioPro Variable Data “sequencing” feature, users have the freedom to design multi-up layouts for any VDP job. Support for “Cut & Stack” layouts is also provided.

High-performance print drivers

All of the built-in AccurioPro Variable Data print drivers generate VDP output files that have been optimized for Konica Minolta presses. Support for both PPML and VPS is provided, as well as standard PostScript and PDF/VT output. And if you have opted for the Premium software version, our unique “job chunking” feature ensures the fastest possible throughput for all VDP jobs.

AccurioPro Variable Data Brochure

AccurioPro Variable Data, Konica Minolta’s new, professional suite of variable data printing (VDP) software tools, stands for sophisticated variable data printing and data publishing.

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